Stop Subsidizing Corporate Raiders!

Thatís law for the 1%, not the 99% or even the 66%

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Here’s the playbook. Buy the company at a distressed price, load it up with as much corporate debt as possible then pay out the cash as a special dividend to the new owners (yourself). Go ahead, take inordinate risk with other people's jobs and the local economy. You made a gigantic profit. It’s good to be the 1%. And you still make a gigantic profit even if you fail at turning the company around. Sweet.

We need to close the loopholes in the tax code that almost guarantees a private equity firm can raid a company and make a staggering profit with less risk than the original owner.

It would not be so if there were a cap on the deductibility of corporate debt and if the carried interest loophole were closed.

Then a deal will succeed or fail on its merits.

For more information read the fine article by James Surowieki “Private Inequity” originally published in The New Yorker.


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