Military Path to Citizenship Act

For Illegal Immigrants and Their Children

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The problem with Congress is that they are too busy trying to "game" every law, every deal, for a perceived advantage against their enemy (the other party).

The People want consensus legislation passed. We have consensus with a very strong supermajority of registered voters. So says...

The Hill Poll

"Support for granting citizenship to illegal immigrants who serve in the military was strong across the board, with 72 percent of Republicans, 75 percent of Democrats and 73 percent of independents in favor.

Pulse Opinion Research conducted The Hill Poll on Jan. 26. Pulse surveyed 1,000 likely voters, with a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points."

Congressódo your job.


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by Andrew Evans on 11/15/12

This is an idea that I have personally supported for a long time and I know that the Modern Whig Party would likely support as well. Illegal immigration is wrong and illegal. However, it is a crime that many who commit it are not committing it to harm anyone else for their personal gain. They are trying to better their lives for themselves and their families.

Still, there is a right way and wrong way for immigration. We all know this. What to do with those already in the U.S.? We can't realistically deport all of them, and this likely should not be done as many illegal immigrants are currently or working towards being solid citizens in the U.S. just without the official recognition.

This is a good plan as the illegal immigrants give something back to the nation that has let them in to achieve their dreams. This will also encourage them to be responsible citizens and also provide job training as well as benefits for college. With the growing Hispanic population and other immigrant population in America this will help make sure that these populations have upward economic mobility.

An addition to this plan should also include an option for significant community service or internship/apprenticeships as an option other than honorable military service. This will allow the immigrants to give something back and also gain valuable work experience in different fields.

The only realistic alternative I can see to this plan in addition to having community service and apprenticeship programs is a plan where after the immigrant pays back taxes and a hefty fine they are eligible to become citizens.

Ever forward,

Andrew Evans
National Chairman
Modern Whig Party

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