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The three winners will comprise the GREATER BILL, and the aGREATER.US Platform will consist of the highest rated bill, by national platform topic, and packaged by the editors.

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Topic: Commerce (Growth)

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Tax The Takers More Than The Makers

Tax breaks for real entrepreneurs, not Wall Street

/ 93% Corporate Taxessponsored by aGREATER.US

The U.S. business tax system is upside down. Banks and insurance companies and law firms are "taker" businesses that just shift ownership of things that already exist, and they use campaign contributions to bribe...view entire bill

Green Bank Payback Act

For States' Administered Projects

/ 90% Energy Policysponsored by aGREATER.US

Some States are windy, others sunny, yet others can harvest energy from ocean waves. Most states can drill for geothermal energy. Others may want to capitalize irrigation to switch to switch grass from corn for...view entire bill

StartUp Visa Act

A New Visa Category to Attract Entrepreneurs

/ 89% Immigrationsponsored by aGREATER.US

From Senator Mark Udall's website...The StartUp Visa Act is designed to encourage the best and the brightest innovators to found companies here in the United States. The bipartisan bill, which Udall co-sponsored with...view entire bill

Lump & Jump Act

An optional payment method for Unemployment Insurance

/ 86% Jobssponsored by aGREATER.US

Bill Cimbrelo is an independent candidate for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts. On Sunday, March 04, 2012, @Bill_Cimbrelo said: Lost your job? You should have options regarding your employment insurance. Checkout my idea...view entire bill

Homeowners' Jubilee Act

Can’t refinance your house? We can change that.

/ 77% Commerce (Growth)sponsored by aGREATER.US

Interest rates are at historic lows. If you could refinance your home you'd have thousands of dollars of disposable income to spend on education, feathering your nest, a new car, vacations, or paying down debt. But your...view entire bill

Sin-Tax Wall Street Cyborg Traders

But wealth creation is good!

/ 77% Deficit (Taxes) sponsored by aGREATER.US

You’ve probably seen the bumper sticker “No Farms, No Food,” recent attacks on Wall Street, while many aspects are certainly valid, might suggests a bumper sticker, “No Risk, No Jobs” which is the same as “No...view entire bill

Zero Inflation Tax Policy

Why do we have a recession every 8 to 10 years?

/ 75% Tax Reformsponsored by Committee For Economic Reform and A Better Economic Future

The Zero Inflation Taxation Policy will make our economy more productive and more efficient in preventing poverty. It will help lower the amount of taxes needed to support social programs. It maintains demand more...view entire bill

The Startup Act

From the Kauffman Foundation Website

/ 67% Economysponsored by aGREATER.US

… The "Startup Act" proposal was unveiled at the National Press Club in Washington by Kauffman President and CEO Carl Schramm and Vice President of Research and Policy Robert Litan. "With a recent Kauffman study...view entire bill

Make the Economy Work for Public Good!

The people, not banks, should direct the economy.

/ 66% Economysponsored by Marc Antonio

Under today's monetary system (since 1913) banks create the national money supply when they make loans. As a result, in deciding where to make these loans, the banks decide what our country does. If banks make more...view entire bill